The Deny The Fallen debut ‘Symptoms of Eternity’ is available now via digital download.

The much anticipated album is the brainchild of vocal master Rey Parra (Sacred Warrior, Worldview) and guitaritst Jonathan Johnson (Sacred Warrior, Zeal), and does not disappoint.


We caught up with Jonathan recently, and he has a lot to say about the record.

“It’s been a labor of love getting this record completed. I started writing for it in 2014. As an artist and a producer I feel this is the best thing Rey and I have ever done. Not to say that what we’ve done before wasn’t special, but I think that this production is a step above our previous work.

I believe this band has something rare. A completely unique sound. As loved as Sacred Warrior is, there were always the Queensryche, Maiden, Dio comparisons. When Rey and I envisioned this we wanted to do something that had definite influences but couldn’t be directly compared to any other band. I feel like we accomplished that goal.

We’re so excited to be doing this in this season of our lives. Plus, it really feels like family. My son Josh obviously holding down the drum duties and having Rey’s super talented son Dylan singing with his dad in the song ‘Shelter’. Erik and I are like brothers and having Harbor and his incredible family in the fold has been just a natural fit.”


Jonathan continues, “I was working and mixing around 18 hrs a day all the way up to the digital release day so I didn’t get much of an opportunity to say much that last several weeks.”


“It was a massive undertaking. I broke every conventional rule making this album. Very few artists are successful producing their own work. And as Jimmy Brown warned me, ‘you know mastering your own music is a no no?’

But I had a clear vision about what I wanted this album to sound like from the beginning, and I knew I could get it there. So I took it from the start to completion. I think it was the right choice.”, says Jonathan.

The album is available for download through Google Play, Amazon and iTunes, or from the band’s website at

The songs are available to stream from the band’s website, on the store page, as well.

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