Oz Fox Medical Procedure a Success


Annie Lobert says Oz Fox’s medical procedure to alleviate headaches and other symptoms was a sucesss.

Annie goes on to say,

“Update 5: Oz Fox saga continues!

The blood patch was a success—Oz’s headache pain is GONE!

Home. Nothing like it!

You really miss it when you’re gone, and the simple things in life like a cup of tea/coffee, treadmill work out, morning news, devo & a shower you can finally take in private!

Oz is home from the hospital…and he is happy he can finally take a shower, eat something (even though we have to blend it) and take some long needed naps in his own bed.

We are TIRED.

This whole ordeal has not only brought us completely to our knees, but it has also put so many more things in perspective.

Jesus—the center of everything.
Family—more precious than diamonds
Friends—glue that keeps us together
Purpose—career & ministry in life
Home—where the heart is

By wisdom a house is built, And by understanding it is established; And by knowledge the rooms are filled With all precious and pleasant riches~Proverbs 24:3-4

Please continue to lift Oz up with your prayers—they are working!

More consultations of next steps for Oz’s care to shrink these tumors this week.

Pray we listen, understand & decide with wisdom of what will happen next for his crucial care.

We are so very very thankful for your prayers, support & donations at this time. We cannot keep up with thank yous, phone calls, emails and texts (neither can Oz) so if we’ve missed you—we apologize sincerely.

Love you all!
Annie & Oz

(Oz’s second day in hospital Tuesday with Pastor Doug Lowman & Pastor Derek Neider)


Please contribute if you can, and continue to pray for Oz and Annie and their families.


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