“Turn of Events” Update for Oz Fox


According to a recent post on Annie Lobert’s Facebook page, there has been a turn of events for Oz Fox regarding the approach of treatment for his two brain tumors.

Annie states:

“Turn of events update: Oz Fox

We have had an important change in Oz’s care!

The Nuerosurgon surgeon who consulted with us last night said that she couldn’t get Oz off of her mind all night.

Why was this? Because people were praying for clarity?

She consulted with another surgeon today and decided that Oz shouldn’t have an operation on his skull yet…to go for option #2 and wait 3 months for another MRI!

Red flags! We had already been talking to another friend of ours who just happens to be a spinal surgeon that has a good friend who is a great Nuerosurgon for a second opinion. This doctor looked at Oz’s scans and will be seeing him in a few days. He is an expert in “lazer” brain surgery, which means Oz may not have to have his skull cut open.

Wow. Pray please for this to be God’s will!

They released Oz from the hospital with heavy seizure meds & blood pressure pills. He needs to be watched over and not left alone (due to seizures) until we hear otherwise from our new doctors.

We called our Stryper fam (Michael, Lisa, Etc) and informed them of the update…and they shared that they were praying, interceding for clarity & the right direction, that this was an answered prayer! Many others have shared the same thing! Wow.

We have a few problems:

Oz is in ALOT of pain: (but refuses to take narcotics) Tylenol only.

1. His tongue is raw from being severely bitten from seizuring (cannot eat)
2. His arm is extremely sore from falling down on stage. Severely bruised & puffed up. His head too!
3. He is having extreme headaches & nausea from the seizure meds.
4. He has had no appetite & cannot eat

—We are asking for prayer for:

—the new doctors—that they would be super focused & full of wisdom if our next steps for Oz’s recovery!

—Side effects of the meds to lesson—no more severe headaches & lethargy

—For Jesus to continue to heal him so he doesn’t need ANY surgery!

—Finances not to be a hinderance to his care, that we may persevere no matter what we’re facing.

Thank you all for staying with us and supporting Oz during this trying time. We are so grateful that Oz is still here & has a chance to get better!

We love you—Annie (Oz’s wife)”

We will continue to post updates as they become available.


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  1. Praying for Oz, God is in control. I pray for the seizures, pain and discomfort to stop and the tumors to go away. I pray God blesses Oz and his family during this time in Jesus name. Amen

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