Oz Fox Medical Update


Here’s the latest update from Annie:

“Oz update!

This just happened: Nuerosurgon came in & talked to Oz about his medical history. Nothing shocking to indicate his current situation.

The tumor by the ear is not as much concern as the one by the back of the right brain. They are both inoperable. In other words, she recommends not removing them.

So Oz was given two choices:

1. Operate/do biopsy on the tumor in the back. There will be risk involved, but at least we will have answers to what this mass is. (About an inch)
2. Wait 6 more weeks and see if a new MRI shows growth, or that it stays the same.

Oz wants his quality of life back, and wants to find out what it is. So he has decided to go for option number 1.

Now here is where we need serious, strategic prayer. Please pray for this mass to NOT be cancerous, and that he will recover quickly!
Pray for the doctors hands to be steady & her mind to be sharp with wisdom & Percision skill.

We don’t want to be in fear…we believe that God has a plan for this even though this is a serious & life altering trial!

Please continue to lift us up in prayer! The doctors best guess for cost of surgery is more than we will be expecting—she couldn’t give us a figure.

We love you & thank you for all of your support!”

Your continued prayers are appreciated!



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