Why this blog?

At the prompting of family and friends, I’m starting this blog. It’s an opportunity to share my experiences and knowledge of hard rock and heavy metal music — particularly the Christian varieties.

My metal journey began sometime in 1980. My brother and his friend were playing some very distorted “music” on a tape recorder (if anyone remembers what that is). I remember thinking, “what is that noise?”. That noise turned out to be ‘Back in the Saddle’ by Aerosmith and it wasn’t long before I was beginning to like it. Within a few months, Aerosmith became my favorite band. I started buying all of their albums (on vinyl) and began discovering other hard rock acts along the way. Before long, I was delving into heavy metal bands like Dio, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Queensryche.

More later…

I plan to expand on my story later along with experiences, album reviews and maybe a little theology.

For now, Happy New Year!



  1. Good start! The trick to blogging is having regular posts. I do book reviews on Tuesdays. Media on Mondays, etc. You could do MWF. Monday for your recollections or old faves. Wednesday for current reviews. Friday for spiritual musings. Or whatever. And the best thing: write them all at once and schedule the posts!

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